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Hey guys!  Well, my goal for October 2015 was to post two blog entries; I'm actually planning on planning on posting two blog entries and two new galleries per month.  I ended up posting the blog entry about the photo shoot with Travis Younger yesterday evening, and I'm following that one with my thoughts on the photo shoot with Joey.  




At the time, Joey was a local area model; he has since moved to the West Coast.  He was the last model that I photographed in October 2015, and allowed me to end the month on a high note!  It's not always that you cross paths with someone that can relate with your past.  It's not often that I cross paths with someone who grew up in Indiana and made the move to Texas.  So I was instantly delighted and felt kinship with Joey when I found out that he grew up there and went to the college on the campus that hosted my high school.  When I mentioned a place that I frequented during my junior and senior years of high school, he instantly knew where I was talking about and regaled me with stories of funny things that happened in those locations during his time on the campus.  It definitely made for that rapport to be easily built, but then again Joey did have a friendly personality that instantly had me talking and laughing like we were old friends.


As the shoot went on, he entertained me with stories about the horrible roommates that he had on campus and the crazy adventures he got up to.  Needless to say, he had me laughing throughout the entire shoot as well as sharing my own adventures during those two years of high school.  It's funny, because I was so focused on his storytelling that I wasn't aware of the time passing by so quickly.  


I think that's why I like the image below so much.  To me, it captures the essence of his personality - from the easy, genuine smile to the twinkle in his eyes.  During my time with him, he was just a happy, easy-going guy that easily found an audience for his story telling.  


But it also shows the his uniqueness.  It's not often that I come across anyone that proudly sports a facial tattoo, especially one that comes from comic books.  But to be honest, that facial tattoo was the primary reason that I wanted to work with him.  I know that a lot of photographers could be put off by it, but to me it made him a lot more interesting since I wanted to know what made him get the tattoo.  Plus, I wanted to photograph him because his look was completely unique to me - he's the only model to date that I have photographed who sported so many tattoos.  It was awe inspiring to have the opportunity to photograph such a unique model.  


Joey #4Joey #4Reyj Photography - Joey #4




In my opinion, Joey was definitely attractive.  I know that for some, the tattoos can be a little off putting, especially the one across his right eye.  However, to me, that added his overall attractiveness and my desire to photograph him.  Even more so, Joey had an aura of confidence and a comfort within his own skin that can be seen in the two images below.  


Normally, when I photograph guys that have tattoos, I will want to present the images in color because of the vibrancy in the colors of the tattoo.  However, with the images of Joey, I felt that the black and white images would showcase the tattoos off nicely given the dark lines and how the tones translated into shades of gray.  While the tattoos in color are amazing, I have to say that the gray tones do add another quality to them.  


In addition to the overall look of the tattoos, I absolutely love how the lighting turned out in the image below.  As you guys know, I am a fan of interesting lighting that have a dramatic flair.  In the image below, I love the effect of the split lighting with the background light positioned over his left shoulder.  I like how it created the interesting lighting playing across his face and body.  I will say that I absolutely love how the image came out in black and white.  


Joey #14Joey #14Reyj Photography - Joey #14

In addition to the image above, I also found myself favoring the nude below.  For similar reasons to the image above (handling of the tattoos in gray tones and the lighting), I also love the pose itself.  I love how stance of his hips and how it highlights the muscles of his upper thighs through the mid tones and shadows.  The placement of the hands are also interesting for me.  However, for me, it's the subtle tilt of his head, along with the lighting, and the intensity of his gaze that makes the image interesting.  Overall, there's a sense of confidence that radiates from the image.  For me, it makes the image even more appealing.


Joey #25Joey #25Reyj Photography - Joey #25


Behind The Scene


In addition to the two nudes above, I also liked the one below.  However, I classify it more as a "behind the scenes" type of image given that you can see the equipment used to create the image.  In each photo shoot, I do like to take some behind the scenes type of images because they add another dimension of interest for me.  Of course, it's not all that often that I highlight a behind the scene type of image, but I definitely felt that the one below deserved to be showcase.  


This was definitely a deliberate image given that it was only the two of us during the photo shoot.  So I know that I was directing to look off in the distance.  However, when I was editing the images, I was taken about but the intensity of the stare and how alluring the image came out.  Again, the lighting definitely goes a long way into creating the overall feel for the image, but I definitely love how it was captured in the "behind the scene" image.  I definitely loved how it came out overall.


Joey #11Joey #11Reyj Photography - Joey #11




In addition to the three nudes, I also love how several of the portraits came out from the photo shoot.  The first one that I wanted to highlight is the one below.  While the majority of his face is cast in shadow created by his raised arms, I love how the light was able to highlight the left side of his face and even create a catchlight in his left eye.  While not your traditional portrait, I definitely think that it was an interesting and one of the first that ended up catching my attention during the editing process.  Nonetheless, it's definitely one of my favorite portraits from the photo shoot with Joey.  


Joey #19Joey #19Reyj Photography - Joey #19


In addition to the one above, I also ended up loving the image below.  I definitely love the lighting in the image as well as the overall placement and pose.  However, I like that it captures a bit of his personality.  I love that you can see the twinkles in his eyes as well as the laugh lines around the edges of his eyes.  I also love that it captured his easy-going smile in mid-laugh.  Yeah, it's just an image that I find myself smiling at each time that I come across it in my catalog.  And, of course, it's currently the image that I have highlight when you first come to my page.  This image is definitely one of my favorite images from my entire catalog.  


Joey #17Joey #17Reyj Photography - Joey #17


Favorite Image from the Photo Shoot


However, my absolute favorite image from the entire photo shoot is the one below.  When I originally finished editing the images back in April 2015, I had exported the final image in color.   I will say that the image looks good in color, especially since his blue eyes captures the light in a stunning manner.  However, when I was looking at the images to highlight in the blog entry, I decided that I needed to see how the image would look in black and white.  And I am glad that I did take the opportunity.  


For me, some of the details get lost through the presence of colors, especially given the vibrancy of some of the colors found in his tattoos.  In the black and white image below, I am able to marvel at all of the minute details that would have been lost otherwise.  From the highlights on the ear plug and nose ring to the details of each hair of his beard to the dazzling detail of his eye.  For me, all of those details would have been lost with the presence of color.  But it's all of those details, the position his head and shoulders, and the lighting that come together to make this image an interesting portrait in my opinion.  And of course, it's easy to see why this image is my favorite from the photo shoot with Joey.  


Reyj Photography - Joey #29Joey #29Reyj Photography - Joey #29


Overall, I loved worked with Joey throughout the shoot!  He was definitely fun and easy-going throughout.  Plus, it felt like I was working with a friend (though I have never photographed any of my friends in similar states of undress - but there's always future chances, I guess) as we connected about our experiences in Indiana.  I am definitely glad that I was provided the opportunity to work with and photography such an interesting and unique individual and definitely wished that I had the opportunity to work with him again before he moved to California.  Nonetheless, I am grateful that I was able to come across him in my life and had the opportunity to create some stunning images with him.  



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