Adam O - October 2013

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Moving on with the next photo shoot in chronological order, I come to the series with Adam O.  It was definitely an interesting shoot that ended quickly.  I will say that it was my fault that it ended abruptly.  As usual, I was talking with Adam at the beginning of the photo shoot to establish a rapport between the two of us.  Throughout that portion, I have to say that Adam was definitely on the intense side and put me on edge for some reason.  Needless to say, we ended the shoot before it was scheduled to be done.  I do have some regrets about the shoot, but it probably was for the best that we ended it at that point.


Nonetheless, I got a few interesting shots from the short time we worked together.  When I first saw his portfolio, I was definitely drawn to his skater look.  Of course, I found out that the images in his portfolio were outdated and that he was more stunning, and intense, in person.  The image below is a pretty straightforward portrait, as most of my images are.  However, it does highlight one my favorite aspects about Adam.  As I mentioned, he is definitely stunning, but it's his eyes that draw me in.  Additionally, I love how his hair is framing and focusing attention on his face, and particularly on his eyes.  


Reyj Photography - Adam O # 2Adam O # 2Reyj Photography - Adam O # 2


The image below is one of the last images that I captured of Adam during the photo shoot.  It's definitely one of my favorite images from the shoot, limited as they are.  For some reason, I look at the image and see Adam's vulnerability.  I do like the fact that you can see his eyes in the image and how he's looking downward instead of focusing on the camera.  Additionally, I like how the diagonal line made by the waistband of his boxer briefs intersects with the line created at his hip.  Overall, I like the image quite a bit and wish that the photo shoot had continued a little longer so that I could capture some additional images like the below.  


Reyj Photography - Adam O # 10Adam O # 10Reyj Photography - Adam O # 10


Finally, we come to my favorite image from the photo shoot.  As you guys know, I love focusing on a model's eyes in my images.  When I first saw Adam's eyes, I fell in love with that feature and knew that I was going to attempt to highlight them in my images.  I was able to capture the image below prior to becoming uncomfortable with the situation.  I absolutely love the colors and the unique pattern that makes up his eyes.  Furthermore, I love the intensity within his stare and how slightly unnerving it is.  Nonetheless, this image is my absolutely favorite from the photo with him.  


Reyj Photography - Adam O # 3Adam O # 3Reyj Photography - Adam O # 3


I will admit that looking back at the images from the photo shoot with Adam, it definitely makes me want to reach out to him again and see if he would be willing to do a full photo shoot with me.  I do believe that I mishandled the situation and made it awkward because I grew increasingly uncomfortable with him as the shoot progressed.  However, there are some things that I'm willing to overlook if I am able to photograph a beautiful subject and get some amazing images.  I definitely think that I would be able to get some great images of Adam if the opportunity ever arose again.  


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