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Hey guys!  If you're in the States, Happy Labor Day!  I hope that you're enjoying the three day like I am, especially since it's letting me catch up on a few chores and errands.  Either way, I hope that all of you are enjoying the holiday!  


Anyway, it's been a somewhat quiet week for me, but there have been some significant changes.  So yeah, I decided to drop the two photography courses for this semester.  As I was sitting in my first course, I just wasn't feeling the structured feeling at the time.  Going with my gut feeling, I decided to drop the course and just do my own thing with my photography.  Of course, it does mean that I'm probably going to be watching a lot of YouTube videos, Lynda.com, and other photography tutorials to help me improve my skills.  For some reason, I'm finding myself okay with that notion since it gives me an opportunity to play and learn through creative ventures instead of worrying about getting a good grade to pass the course.  So yeah, there's a part of me that thinks this was probably the dest decision for me at the moment.  Who knows, I may end up picking up the courses at some future point.  


However, I did pick up two marketing courses when I dropped the others.  As I mentioned, I got a new job that deals with marketing and public relations to a certain degree.  So in an effort to help me with the job, I decided to pick up a couple of courses focusing on advertising and public relations.  So far, the courses seem interesting and have the potential for helping me out with the job.  Either way, I'm definitely feeling a little excited to be taking the two courses.  


Other than those changes, it's been a quiet week.  I'm definitely hoping that it continues and I can start holding some additional photo shoots in my spare time. Hopefully, I'll be able to start holding them starting this month.  




Anyway, on to the reason that you guys are here: Oscar!  Oscar was the first model that I worked with in my own home.  Previously, I had worked with models in studios and hotel suites since I was living with roommates.  Once I got my own place, I eagerly jumped on board with setting up photo shoots in the privacy of my own home.  It definitely gave me more space to maneuver around in as well as not having to worry about transporting clothing, props, and equipment around for the various photo shoots.  So yeah, I was definitely happy to have a space large enough to have photo shoots in.  


As I mentioned, Oscar was the first model that I photographed in my space.  When he submitted his images to potentially set up a photo shoot, I instantly knew that I wanted to work with him.  He definitely has a great look that I loved capturing.  Furthermore, Oscar definitely knows the positions that highlight his body as well as taking direction as I shifted his body around to capture the light better.  Like I said, I loved working with Oscar throughout the photo shoot as well as the images that we ended getting from it.  Overall, I was definitely happy with the body of work that we created.  


Street Clothes


When Oscar showed up for the photo shoot, I was definitely happy with his overall look.  Like usual, I started the photo shoot by photographing him in the clothing that he wore to the shoot.  In this instance, Oscar war wearing a blue and white plaid shirt and dark blue jeans.  The overall look definitely suited his image.  For me, I like it when the guys that I'm working with come dressed in button down shirts because it gives me some flexibility to get several different looks from that single piece of clothing.  I definitely wasn't disappointed.  


The image that I chose to highlight for this section comes from the end of the photo shoot.  Like usual, I also like to end the photo shoot with getting several images of the model getting redressed in the clothing that he wore to the photo shoot.  For me, I definitely wanted to get a couple of additional images of Oscar posing in unbuttoned button down shirt.  Furthermore, I wanted to pair it with the black Emporio Armani boxer briefs that he wore beneath his dark blue jeans.  I'm definitely happy with how the image turned out.  


In addition to the clothing and how they highlight his body, I'm also happy with the lighting in the image.  I definitely like how the light highlights his facial features, especially the highlight on his lower lip.  Furthermore, I like how the light makes his eyes pop while also drawing attention to the areas around his eyes, such as his eyebrows.  Every time that I look at this image, I'm constantly focusing on Oscar's face, the placement of his right hand, and the details of his stylish hair.  For those reasons, it was definitely easy for me to select the image below as the one to be highlighted for this section.  


Oscar 234Oscar 234Oscar 234
Reyj Photography
Austin, Texas




Near the start of the photo shoot, I capture an interesting portrait of Oscar.  Like the majority of us, I also find myself stopping at unique portraits and taking a moment to determine whether or not I like what the artist did.  Even if I do not end up liking the image at the image, it still caught my attention long enough to give some serious thought about the piece.  For me, the portrait below definitely caused me to step back and evaluate whether or not I truly liked it, even though it was my own image.  


In the end, I decided that I liked it for several reasons.  Starting off, I like the composition of it.  Yes, I like how his left arm blocks the left half of his face.  Specifically, I like how it basically splits his forehead in half.  But more interesting, I like how his left arm slopes towards the right side of the image and how it reveals more of his face the further down we go from his forehead.  What started off as symmetrical quickly turned asymmetrical.  But yes, I love how how that composition element changed the overall look of the image.  


Additionally, I love the details of Oscar's facial features revealed in the image.  For instance, I like the details found in his lips, including the highlight on the right side of his lower lip.  Additionally, I like the highlights and shadows in the dip just beneath his nose.  Finally, I like the details of his eye, eye lashes, and eyebrow.  Like I said, I like how the portrait highlighted those details throughout the right side of his face.  


Finally, I like the depth of field in the image.  Yes, having the shallower depth of field allow me to blur out his left arm as well as the back of his head from his ear onward.  Furthermore, with the selective focus, I was able to direct the viewer's attention to the right side of his face where I wanted the viewer to notice the details.  Sure, I got his armpit within that plane of focus, but I'm okay with that for the most part.  


In the end, it was actually easy for me to decide that I liked the unique portrait.  Sure, there are some elements that I want to play with in the future in order to improve on it, but I like the portrait that Oscar and I were able to create together.  So yeah, it was easy for me to select this image to highlight in the portrait section.  


Oscar 041Oscar 041Oscar 041
Reyj Photography
Austin, Texas




Of course, like most of my photo shoots, I focused on photographing Oscar modeling a variety of underwear.  As usual, I started with photographing him in the black Emporio Armani briefs that we wore to the shoot.  From there, we went through a variety of briefs, boxer briefs, and some others.  I was definitely happy to see that Oscar looked good in whatever underwear that I threw at him.  During the shoot, he even got me laughing at a pair red briefs with yellow piping.  He told me that he was going to call them the Ronald McDonald's briefs because of the color scheme.  Ever since then, I laugh at them whenever I see them and can't help thinking of them as the Ronald McDonald's briefs.  So yeah, I was definitely happy that we were able to laugh together throughout the shoot about random things.  


Anyway, I found it hard to select my favorite image for this portion of the shoot.  In the end, I decided to highlight two images of Oscar posing in two different types of underwear.  The first one is of Oscar posing in a Go Softwear jockstrap.  I did love the way that the jockstrap highlighted his assets in the image below.  I have found out that there are some guys that cannot carry off the jockstrap look for a variety of reasons, but I'm glad that Oscar filled out the jockstrap well and owned the look.  


Like usual, I love the lighting in the image below.  Ever since the photo shoot with Donye, I've been trying to play around with lighting a subject with just a single light.  In this instance, I like how I was able to manipulate the light to get an interesting lighting pattern across his face while still have some interesting shadows.  Yeah, I'm definitely happy with the way the lighting turned out in the image below.  


Additionally, I like Oscar's pose in the image.  For me, there is an appeal to see the long curved line that starts at the the top of the back as it flows into a narrow waist and onward.  It definitely makes for an interesting line to visually trace.  In addition to the line, I also love the placement of Oscar's hands as it adds some visual depth to the image and leads the viewer's eye further into the shadows.  So yeah, it was easy to select this image as one of the two to highlight for this section.  


Oscar 071Oscar 071Oscar 071
Reyj Photography
Austin, Texas


The second image that I wanted to highlight features Oscar modeling a pair of white mesh briefs.  I like the briefs because of the intricate designs at the sides of the pouch as well as the fact that the seat is basically mesh.  In this instance, I like how it allows Oscar's skin tones to come through and change the coloring of that part of the briefs from white.  Furthermore, I like how the briefs contours around Oscar's assets and highlights them well.  


Like the image above, I love the strong lines that his body creates from the tip of his left hand and flowing down to his left thigh.  I also like the visual depth that is evident due to the slight turn of his shoulders.  Finally, I like how his right thigh is slightly out of sync with his left one.  It further adds to the visual depth while also giving a backdrop to make the pouch of the briefs stand out further.  


Finally, I love the color handling in the image below.  Using PhotoShop, I softened the overall color tone of the image by playing with the opacity.  Like I said, I like how it soften Oscar's overall skin tone.  I'm definitely happy with the way that the image came out.  


Oscar 167Oscar 167Oscar 167
Reyj Photography
Austin, Texas


Favorite Image from the Photo Shoot


For my favorite image, I selected the image below.  Like all of the other images, I like how Oscar completely owns it.  I like his expression in the image and the penetrating gaze that is transfixed on the viewer.  Furthermore, I like his pose in the image and the small details, such as the placement of his right hand and how his fingers are splayed out.  Additionally, I like the confidence that is evident in his stance, particularly in his shoulders, hips, and thighs.  Like I said, it definitely feels like Oscar completely owned the image.  


Finally, I love the lighting in the image.  Once again, I love the lighting pattern across his face and how it captured the details on the left side.  Furthermore, I love how the lighting creates enough of a separation to make the black cotton of his Emporio Armani boxer briefs stand out from the black backdrop.  In generally, I definitely love how the light caresses his body throughout the image.  


For these reason, and the fact that I just like the image, it was easy to select the image below as my favorite one from the photo shoot.  


Oscar 222Oscar 222Oscar 222
Reyj Photography
Austin, Texas




I'm definitely happy with the images that came from my collaboration with Oscar.  Like I said throughout the blog entry, Oscar was definitely a professional and brought his game to the photo shoot.  I definitely loved the consistency throughout the images as well as the emotions that I was able to capture in some of the images found within the gallery (http://www.reyjphotography.com/oscar).  Furthermore, Oscar definitely knew the poses that would highlight his body.  So yeah, it was definitely great to work with Oscar throughout the photo shoot.  As I go through the remainder of 2016, I'm definitely hoping to work with Oscar again for another photo shoot.  Nonetheless, I'm definitely happy that I had an opportunity to work with Oscar on this photo shoot.  


Again, thanks for taking the time to check out the blog entry and the images from my photo shoot with Oscar.  I definitely appreciate it that you guys are taking the time to scope out my work!


If you guys want, you can also check out my Instagram account at http://www.instagram.com/reyj.photography.  I tend to post images daily!  


If you are interested in setting up a shoot or letting me know what you think about my work, you can email me at [email protected]!



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