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Hey guys!  It’s been a while since I last posted an entry or gallery, but this past year has been crazy.  In June 2017, I decided to leave my job and focus on completing my master’s degree. Yep, I took a full year and just focused on school and just relaxing.  In the end, it was definitely worth it since I was able to graduate with an MBA in May 2018. 


Additionally, I started a new job in August 2018.  For the last couple of months, I have been focused on learning the ins and outs of the new job.  I am starting to feel comfortable in the position, but there are some changes happening around me.  It’s not too bad, but change can a little unsettling.  However, I am going to make the best of it and just focus on doing a good job.  


However, I have not been able to focus on photography as much as I would have loved to during this past year.  However, as I look towards the future, I do plan to ramp up my photography and starting hold shoots more often.  I am actually hoping to start hold photo shoots again starting in January or February 2019.  Here’s hoping it all goes well.  


For the time being, I am revisiting some of my old shoots and doing a second round of image editing.  It’s definitely been fascinating to see how the most recent edits differ from the initial set.  It definitely feels like I am growing as a photographer, but it may be that my “taste” has change over the years.  Either way, it’s still fascinating to see.  




Anyway, on to the reason you guys have stopped by – Ryan.  Back in November 2014, I traveled down to San Antonio and reached out to Ryan to see if he would be interested in a shoot.  I liked Ryan’s overall look during the previous shoot and found him fun to work with during it.  When I reached out to him, he mentioned that he had been working out more often and I found myself interested in seeing his progress.  


Additionally, I was looking forward to photographing him at the same hotel since I knew the layout and the overall suite features.  However, the hotel underwent a remodeling effort.  However, I loved the brick wall and used it as a back drop for several images. The only thing that I did not like was the busy headboard, but I found a way to make it work.  Overall, I liked the changes to the hotel suite, especially how Ryan looked against the brick wall.  


As usual, the following images are my favorites from the second photo shoot with Ryan and some insight on why I chose the images to highlight in the blog.  


Street Clothing


Like usual, I photographed Ryan in the clothing that he wore to the photo shoot.  In this case, he wore a black t-shirt and some dark blue jeans. As I was looking through the image catalog, I narrowed my choice to the image below.  For the first part of the shoot, I wanted to capture some lifestyle shots.  I think the image below captures that lifestyle feeling given the relaxed pose and the incorporation of the furniture and background decor.  


As I studied the image, I found myself liking the framing and balance within the image.  For instance, I like how the bright yellow pillow in the foreground adds some visual weight on the lower left corner and counteracts the visual weight of the framed painting in the upper right corner. Additionally, I like how several of those lines are echoed in Ryan’s body language, such as the sloped of his relaxed pose as well as the line of his outstretched arm.  


Of course, I absolutely love Ryan’s pose.  I like the openness of the pose through his outstretched arms and his spread legs. Additionally, I like several of the intersecting lines, such as the connection between his outstretched left arm and his bent left leg.  I also like how his bent right arm juts out from the bright yellow pillow and directs the viewer’s eye directly to Ryan’s face.  Speaking of Ryan’s face, I like his serious expression.  


Between those elements, the lighting, and the overall color handling, it was easy for me to choose the image below as my favorite for this section.   


Ryan # 015Ryan # 015Ryan # 015
Reyj Photography
San Antonio, Texas




When I was reviewing the image catalog for the blog entry, I kept landing on this image for the portrait section.  I like the image because of Ryan’s pose and his gaze at something off-panel.  With the turn of his head, I like how the light creates various highlights, mid-tones, and shadows across his face. Additionally, I like the catchlights in his eyes.  


Finally, I like the visual balance in the image.  I like the heavy visual weight created by the dark colors in his jeans, t-shirt, and the couch.  It is also enhanced with the shadows on his face as well as his spikey black hair. In contrast, I like the stark whiteness of walls and how it makes the top half of the image feel lighter. Additionally, I like how Ryan’s head and face standout from those white walls.  


So yeah, it was easy to select the image below as my favorite portrait from photo shoot.  


Ryan # 018Ryan # 018Ryan # 018
Reyj Photography
San Antonio, Texas




Like my previous photo shoots, I photographed Ryan in a variety of underwear.  Prior to the trip, I had looked at the images of the hotel suite and determined that I would photograph Ryan against the brick wall within the suite.  I am glad that I made that decision because I like made the images stand out from my previous images.  


In the image, I like how the solid black 2(X)IST briefs stand out from the various grays in the image. I definitely like how the intensity of the black is echoed in the shadows around his head and in the darkness of his hair.  It almost creates a sense of balance between the top and bottom halves of the images. Anyway, it was definitely an aspect that caught my attention as flicked through the image catalog.  


I also love the pose. It is a simple pose that I have seen countless of times, but I still loved the fact that I was able to capture it for myself.  For the pose, I had Ryan lean back against the brick wall and then prop his left foot against it.  I like the sense of depth that is present in his left thigh as well as in his shoulders and head.  Finally, I like the positioning of his hands to draw attention to his face and to those black 2(X)IST briefs.  


Finally, I love the lighting.  Since I was traveling, I only took one light and soft box with me.  With the single light, I like how the light plays across his body – particularly across his face.  Additionally, I love the shadow that his body casted against the brick wall. 


Yeah, when all of the elements are combined together, it was easy for me to select this image as my favorite for this section.


Ryan # 139Ryan # 139Ryan # 139
Reyj Photography
San Antonio, Texas




Of course, I photographed Ryan in the nude.  As I was going through the image catalog, I found myself stopping and staring at it countless times.  Of course, I like the pose and the emphasis on the contours of his butt.  More importantly, I like lighting in the image. As in the previous image, I love how Ryan’s body casts a shadow against the brick wall.  Additionally, I like how the front of his body is shrouded in the shadows but catches a sliver of light to create a line of separation from the wall. 


So yeah, I felt like I needed to highlight this image under this section.  

Ryan # 082Ryan # 082Ryan # 082
Reyj Photography
San Antonio, Texas


Overall Favorite from the Photo Shoot


When I looked through the image catalog, I found myself loving the image below because of the emotion captured on Ryan’s face.  I am not sure what I had said to make Ryan smile or laugh, but I liked that I was able to put a smile on his face and capture a natural emotion.  Additionally, I like how Ryan is not looking at the camera, which adds to the unguarded moment feel.  Because of that unscripted mirth, it was definitely easy to select this image as my overall favorite image from the photo shoot.    

Ryan # 012Ryan # 012Ryan # 012
Reyj Photography
San Antonio, Texas




Overall, I liked working with Ryan throughout the second photo shoot.  I am happy with how the images turned out, especially since they have a different feel to them as opposed to the images from the first photo shoot.  Recently, Ryan reached out to me and indicated that he would be up for another shoot.  I am definitely planning on scheduling a third shoot with him fairly soon. 


Anyway, thanks for taking the time to check out the blog entry and the images from my second photo shoot with Ryan.  I definitely appreciate it that you guys are taking the time to scope out my work!


If you are interested in setting up a shoot here in Austin, Texas, please email me at [email protected]!


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