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Hey guys!  Thanks for continuing to check out my website and blog as I chronicle my photo shoots with various male models!  As we get closer to the end of 2015, I'm working on finishing up the blog entries and gallery postings from the 2013 photo shoots.  I'm definitely hoping to get caught up next year and be able to post entries and galleries in "real time."  But as I said, I'm still working on the photo shoots from 2013.  The good news is that I'm working on the photo shoots that occurred in December 2013!  Actually, I ended up working with eight models that month.  Yeah, it was definitely an awesome and busy month,  but it definitely put me back in terms of editing the images from all eight shoots!  However, I had a blast working with the different guys throughout the various shoots.  




Brent was the first model that I worked with in December 2013.  He was definitely an interesting guy as we talked about green energy and how he wanted to get into that sector.  Listening to him definitely was interesting, especially when he got passionate about the different technologies that were available and how it could be applied.  However, it was definitely over my head since I don't really follow the green energy movement beyond generalities about solar, wind, and hydro-based energy.  Still, it was cool to get a crash course on the sector.  


However, we really connected on mutual love for 90s alternative music.  We traded stories back and forth about the bands that we loved and the different concerts that we had seen, with me gushing about how I had recently seen Weezer and Bush in an intimate venue within the last couple of years.  We were also listening to Girl Talk's "Night Ripper" album during the photo shoot and pointing out the various song clips that we liked in each song.  Like I said previously, music is definitely a topic that has gotten models to open up and feel more comfortable with each other, especially when we start getting in how some of those things tied into important moments within our lives.  Like I said, it's definitely a connecting factor and gives me a chance to build a rapport with them on a slightly deeper level.  


Preppy Look


It's always interesting to see how the model will come dressed to the shoot.  I've had some come in sweats and a t-shirt while others have come in a suit.  Like I said, it's interesting to see how the model will come dressed.  I will say that I was happy with the clothes that Brent wore to the shoot.  I am a fan of the preppy look - button down shirts and sweaters, especially if it's layered.  To me, it's definitely a classic look that looks good on a lot of models.  Plus, it also allows me to get them to use the various layers in different photos.  In Brent's case, I absolutely loved the way that he looked in his dark jeans, gray sweater, and stripped button down.  


I will say that I love the straightforwardness of the image below.  It's a simple image, but I absolutely Brent's expression in the image.  Yes, I love how the clothes play a significant part in the image, but it's his expression that really makes the image.  Or rather, I love how his eyes look in the image and draws my attention right to them.  It's also helped along by the lighting used in the image.  When all of it is combined, it's definitely one of my favorite images from the photo shoot and was quickly selected as a highlight from the photo shoot.  


Reyj Photography - Brent #1Brent #1Reyj Photography - Brent #1




The image below is definitely one of my overall favorites from the photo shoot.  As usual with my photo shoots, I photographed Brent modeling a variety of name-brand underwear throughout the shoot.  However, I ended up loving how he looked in the pair of C-IN2 briefs that he's wearing in the image.  However, it's his expression that made me love the image.  I love how his head is tilted down and to the side, which created an interesting lighting pattern across his face.  However, it's the slightly amused expression on his face that absolutely drew me in.  I love the small smile playing on his lips, but I absolutely adore the look and highlights within his eyes.  Taken together, it was easy for me to fall in love with the image.  


Reyj Photography - Brent #81Brent #81Reyj Photography - Brent #81


In addition to the C-IN2 briefs, I also liked how Brent looked in these blue Go Soft Wear briefs.  While the briefs are not necessarily the focus in the image below, I decided to include this image in this section.  Overall, I like the pose in this image.  Of course, Brent has an amazing body, but the definition in his abs and pecs is definitely highlighted in the image below.  But it's the overall pose that I like in the image below.  Yes, I like the slight twist of his torso, but I love how it's accentuated by his right arm as my eyes trail down his long fingers.  I also like how the downward tilt of his head and eyes leads the viewer's eyes to his right arm and down his torso.  To me, that definitely made the image interesting and one that I wanted to highlight in this blog entry.  


Reyj Photography - Brent #54Brent #54Reyj Photography - Brent #54




In addition to photographing Brent in a variety of underwear, I also photographed him in the nude.  The image below is definitely my favorite from the series.  I love the lighting in the image and how it creates interesting highlights and shadows across his body.  I will say that I like the highlight that crosses down his face, including the bridge of his nose and his lips.  Yeah, I do love the dramatic lighting in this image.  


In addition to the lighting, I like the pose.  I like that it's not a true profile shot due to the subtle turn of his body that is evident by his upper and lower back.  However, the pose does serve to highlight the curve starting at his upper back, down into his waist, and further downward.  In addition to the pose, I also like how his body profile is in contrast to the bed and bench through the dark tones of the headboard and bench and the lighter tones of the bedspread and pillows.  In addition to the tonal changes, I also like the depth of field that helps create that separation between Brent's body and the background.  It's definitely one of the reasons on why I was attracted to this image.  


Finally, I love the expression on his face.  To me, there is feeling of seriousness being conveyed.  That is helped along with the downward tilt of his head as well as the lighting streaming across his face.  Yeah, I definitely like the perception of seriousness that is conveyed in the image.  Like I said before, it's definitely my favorite from the series of nudes done with Brent.   


Reyj Photography - Brent #134Brent #134Reyj Photography - Brent #134


Favorite Image from the Photo Shoot


My favorite image from the photo shoot, shown below, actually comes from the beginning of the photo shoot.  From the very beginning of the photo shoot, I found myself completely comfortable with Brent and, I would like to believe, he with me.  Take that sense of comfort, I love how you can get a sense of Brent's comfort within his own skin.  Not only that, but he was also comfortable stripping down to his briefs and didn't make any apologies about them not being name brand.  There is definitely very alluring about someone just being completely at ease within their body.  


In addition to the comfort radiating from Brent, I absolutely love his expression.  I love the seriousness that is presence in his facial expression.  Additionally, I love the intensity and brightness of his eyes.  The positioning of the light definitely help to highlight his eyes as well as highlighting his features.  Overall, it's easy to see why this image was my overall favorite from the entire photo shoot.  


Reyj Photography - Brent #23Brent #23Reyj Photography - Brent #23


Overall, I loved working with Brent throughout the photo shoot.  I love how seriously he approached the shoot and how well he took direction.  Again, I definitely love how comfortable he was within his own skin as well as posing in the variety of underwear and in the nude.  If the opportunity arose again, I would definitely love to work with Brent again on a future photo shoot.  


Additional images from the photo shoot can be found at  


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