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Dave Brett - Masks

September 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Well, I decided that I needed a break from working on cases studies for my class and thought I would do a quick blog entry.  Earlier this, or potentially late last week, I posted a series of images from my second photo shoot back in January 2012.  Back them I was working with a photography Meet-up group since I was still learning about studio lighting and working with models in general.  The photo shoot was titled "Modelli Mashchini Nudi in Maschera", which I figured translated into masculine nude male models in masks.  It definitely seemed like an interesting photo shoot, but I was probably attending all of the Meet-up activities that I could afford. 


In preparation for the photo shoot, I went and purchased a couple of interesting looking masks from Costume World (http://www.costumeworld.com/) on Burnet World here in Austin.  That's actually a pretty dangerous store for me since I like costumes and props.  You can rent some of the items there and they have a wide selection of costumes.  Plus, they have a pretty good selection of masks there as well.  It's definitely one of those stores that I hit before and after Halloween as I'm looking for interesting to photograph models in or for something to be used as a prop.  Anyway, before the shoot, I ended up purchasing this gorgeous black and gold mask with Venetian swirls and music sheets.  When I first saw it, I knew that I would have to purchase it.  As such, I knew that I was definitely going to use it during the photo shoot. 


Dave was the model for the photo shoot and did an awesome job.  He's done several photo shoots for the Meet-Up group and was definitely easy to work with throughout the shoot.  It does help that Dave is classically handsome with strong facial features and a muscular body gained from hours of working out.  But what is really amazing is his good attitude and professionalism when it comes to photo shoots.  Plus, he knew what poses to get into in order to show off his amazing body in the best light. 


The image below is one of my favorite images from the start of the shoot.  Like I said, Dave needed very little direction from me, which was definitely a bonus.  Additionally, Dave definitely looked great as he just modeled a pair of plain white Calvin Klein briefs, but it definitely helps that he fills them out nicely.  However, it's the pose and the placement of his arms that definitely draw my attention before being lead to his gorgeous eyes.  The scruff definitely increases his sexual appeal. 


Reyj Photography Dave Brett 03Dave Brett 03Reyj Photography Dave Brett 03


The second image from the set that I ended up liking was the image below.  This was definitely my first dive into the use of props, especially one as interesting as a broken umbrella.  I have another photographer to thank for that suggestion.  It definitely help to lend an air of surrealism (?) to the image.  It definitely helps to tie in the demon red, long-nosed mask and the black wrap into a somewhat cohesive image.  It's amazing how a single prop can change the overall feel of an image and turn it into one of my favorites. 


Reyj Photography Dave Brett 13Dave Brett 13Reyj Photography Dave Brett 13


Overall, I think the photo shoot with the Meet-up group turned out really well.  I got some amazing images with Dave and used some interesting and unique props during the photo shoot.  Working with Dave gave me further insight to working with male models and may have spoiled me by knowing which poses to get into to highlight his body in the best light.  Of course, his professionalism and gorgeous classical looks definitely helped to make the photo shoot a success.  It wasn't the last time that I worked with Dave and I have plans to eventually work with him in the near future. 


Dave has a Model Mayhem page (http://www.modelmayhem.com/1332923).  If you are ever looking to working with professional model, definitely think about working with Dave.  He's simply amazing. 



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